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The 10 hottest jewelry pieces of the season

Im a new jewellery artisan with a collection you are going to fall in love with. Getting in touch with my inner child I have created an artist name Colleeni for my new ventures into the art of making beautiful things for people to enjoy. My first foray was to play with resin as I love the translucent nature of the material. For example, the soft greens reminds of the clear creeks of Cape York. Having made myself my first range of jewellery that i love to wear, I am sharing this with those of you who also love all things mother nature has to offer. "Natural Elements" is a collection inspired by my travels across most corners of Australia in a tent with my family. I hope you'll also fall in love with the colours and energies of each unique landscape inspired piece I have created. Look for the essence of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters of rivers and beaches, the red sands of deserts or sunlight dappling through rainforest ferns.

Working out of my own handcrafted strawbale home, I make molds to place South Western Australian timber- Marri and coloured resin. When the resin is set earrings and necklace pendants are cut, sanded and polished.

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